Watching your home while you roam.

Your house is valuable.

What if something happened while you were away?

We all agree that travelling is great, but some say coming home after a long time away is the greatest feeling.

That is until you pull into your driveway and immediately notice something is wrong.  A broken window from vandals, or storm damaged siding, or how about there’s a tree laying on the roof. On top of that, the house has been like that for weeks or longer… much longer. You dread to think of what the inside looks like now.

The initial damage was bad, but that was two storms or a week of melting snow ago. Now it’s worse. Carpets are ruined, the squirrels have been inside, eating everything that wasn’t nailed down. And something is definitely nesting in the attic. If only someone had called you…

That’s where Snowbird Home Services come in. Your house is an important investment, why not let us keep an eye on it in your absence?

Our services were initially designed with the snowbirds (and people whose “up north” property is their second home) in mind. Our packages are described as running in 4 or 5 month periods as many homes in this area typically sit vacant from October to May. However, anyone who is planning to be away from their residence for any length of time can use our services.  It would be easy to customize any of our service packages to fit your needs. This is especially useful for people having an extended hospital stay out of the area.

We promise to safeguard your home so that you can travel worry free, knowing that someone is looking after your property and will notify you as soon as a problem is noticed. Plus we’ll email pictures from each visit so that you know your house is safe and sound.

One last reason why you should consider our services. Our insurance agent has told us that some insurance claims can be denied if the home sat vacant for a period of time prior to the insurance claim. Can you imagine that? First you’ve got all this property damage, then the insurance company starts giving you the run around? How frustrating that must be. We would recommend checking with your insurance provider to see if this is the case with your policy. Ask if this type of service, with proof in the way of dated photos, is enough support so that the insurance company with pay your claim in the event your home does get damaged while you’re away.

If you’re interested in learning more about our service packages, click the Service List link at the top of the page, or just below the picture.

We cover primarily Roscommon and Crawford Counties.

Homes outside our coverage area, may be subject to additional fees.